Praise and Criticism

When You Talk about Good...

You will Bring out The Good!

Think of how that can effect your business and your staff

When people are treated with praise, appreciation and recognition you will help bring the best out in them.

Alternatively - when you treat people the opposite (criticism, disrespect etc) you will bring out the worst in them.

If you want your business to be better - Your first job is to bring out the best in the people around you. You need to be a people builder, "Praise NOT Criticise".

You must build your people up by encouragement and appreciation - Your staff need you to believe in them.


Tell them constantly how:

  • That Was Great
  • Well Done
  • I'm Proud of You
  • You Look Great
  • I Appreciate what You Do

Don't assume people just know that is what you think. Use every moment to to make someone's day - It will pay you back many times over. Your thoughts don't encourage anyone...

You must say it!

Many people are very quick to find fault -- we are all guilty of this. But being a critic and faultfinder will tear people down - not build them up.

Quite often -- not always -- you are better to "hold your tongue" rather than find fault and criticise.

Just think about it. What did you find fault with last week? Can't remember? So was it really worth being critical? Probably Not

On the other hand I'm sure any person that you praised or encouraged last week - still remembers!

We need to learn to overlook some things. Everyone has faults. Nobody is perfect. But by Praising instead of criticising you will encourage people to be better.

You cant build a more successful business without encouraging and building up the people you have working with you.

Make it a Habit...


Don't Criticise!

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