Toxic Work Environment

Much is heard about it, so much so that the phrase sometimes becomes a cliché, and its severity is underestimated.

Unfortunately, no matter how exaggerated the rumors are about a toxic work environment, they are not far from true.

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A toxic work environment paralyzes human resources, destroys creativity, erodes the innovation, and has a disastrous effect on productivity.

Today, it is necessary for pharmacist-managers to deal with any sample of toxicity in their pharmacy, as it is otherwise spreading rapidly.

Like the disease known as gangrene, if any such sample is not controlled immediately, it is very bad for the company, as its core, the human resources, seeks ways to leave as quickly as possible from the toxic environment, with its most capable members departing for first.

The toxic environment costs a lot in a pharmacy, in human resources, productivity, lost opportunities, which are translated into numbers.

 How can i know if my pharmacy work environment is toxic?

Check for those following warning signs:

1) The Pharmacy's core values ​​are not the basis for how it works.

2) Officers' proposals are considered superficially and are not taken into account.

The employers are afraid to speak freely.

3) Pharmacist-managers deal with micromanaging thoroughly, leaving little or no freedom in the way they handle their work.

4) There are gossip and “small teams” in the environment.

5) There is bullying.

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What Are the Causes?

A toxic work environment is a multifactorial problem, but it is usually the result of a combination of bad leadership and perception of the problem.

How Can The Work Environment Be Transformed in a Non-Toxic Environment?

If you suspect that the work environment has become toxic, you must act immediately. How you do that?

Gather information.

Listen to your employees.

Listen to the manager’s side.

Look at all the facts.

Remember, the problem can usually start with leadership, but that doesn't mean there are no exceptions.

Be honest and objective.

Once you have identified the roots of the problem, make a plan of action and follow it accurately.

What can such a plan include?

Some ideas are to educate, remove or relocate people who are adversely affected by the climate and reward employees for their work.

But first of all, you have to set a model of behavior for yourself, with the key elements of respect, dignity, understanding and trust included.

It is true that a toxic environment is not a piece of cake.

Remember that your employees are the heart of your business.

Also don't forget, no matter how difficult things are to not be disappointed.

The positive climate is finally being transmitted and tomorrow is a new day.


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