Get your Pharmacy Team Involved for Business Success

As the pharmacy owner, you are responsible for business success. It's almost impossible to reach it without your team's contribution.

Therefore, you will need to find ways to motivate them effectively, in order they perform to success.

Your team is the most valuable asset of your business!

In order to engage them, it is critical to persuade them to make your vision for the pharmacy, theirs.

As the pharmacy owner, you are responsible for business success. It's almost impossible to reach it without your team's contribution.

Let's look at a typical scenario, I am sure most of you have come across:

You have a great business idea that you believe will boost your business to the roof.

The next day you call a meeting in the pharmacy, in order to share it with your team.

As you go along, you notice "empty" faces, staring at each other.

Some of the "bravest" come forward with negative and contradicting scenarios, demonstrating strong disbelief.

You have two options: Either convince them or let the idea go.

Don’t try to do it without them.

How to do it?

We are presenting three of the six persuasion principles:

Leveraging Authority, Likability and Reciprocity.

Leveraging Authority

The key here is to balance authority with respect in order to build trust among your team members.

When in trouble or doubt, people turn to experts to get guidance. In your pharmacy, you are the expert and your challenge is to become the primary influencer as well.

Achieving that is by no means easy and you will need to employ several leadership skills, such as Presentation and Leading by Example.

Encourage the team spirit, for example, by embracing a common uniform for the team.

Appearance to the customer is key and the team uniform is a great way to present the dynamics, team coherence and a positive image in your pharmacy.

Lead by Example, by showing the way to your team before asking them to do the same.

For example, prepare for and service patients with chronic diseases at the counter and do the follow up on your own.

Without letting anyone doubt your authority, be polite and respectful, strict but fair and you will gain their trust, which in turn will make them more receptive to your proposals.


Likability is not that hard to build among your team.

Just be social with them in a positive manner.

Smile, be polite, share your concerns and actively listen to theirs, congratulate and praise for effective efforts, are some examples on how you can achieve it.

Finally, do not hesitate to get close and personal with them, spending family time together, to the degree allowed by each one of them.

Don’t forget that the more you know about someone the more you like him/her.

Showing real interest about your staff's lives and demonstrating it with actions will increase your influence over them and benefit your business.


Give something first before you ask. Have you heard this before?

Well, go back to your past and see how you performed whenever you felt appreciated and someone showed it publicly.

Make them feel important: Make them accountable for projects and show them that your business success depends on how they perform.

Follow up with them in a consulting positive manner giving them constant advice.

Congratulate them in public for their achievements.

Make them see the benefit: Share your strategy by showing them the consistency with the vision and the values of the business.

Don’t forget to highlight the real business benefit and what it means for the team.

Never forget that  valuable employees always want what you want: "Satisfied patients and business success" so that they gain more.

Apply the above three principles in every day routine but also do not forget to blend in the other three persuasion principles i.e. consensus, scarcity, and consistency.

Conclusively, you should be able to effectively influence your team to go with "your flow".


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