How To Work Smarter and Manage Your Time More Effectively

You can always have enough time if you use it wisely!

It is basically a problem of priorities...

Put First things First....

Most major goals are not achieved because people put Second things First.

Don't Serve Time...

Make Time Serve You!

Are you struggling with time management?

Is Time Controlling You?

Try the following tips so you can turn it around to make "Time Serve You" rather than "Control You!"


Don't just make a list of what you need to do - Prioritise your list. Then complete your list in order of Priority.

Every day I have a list of "things" that I need to do - But most importantly I single out the very most important goals for the day. Then I firstly concentrate on the most important.

For every activity you do - Ask this Question:

Is what your doing getting you closer to your objectives? Anything that is wasted effort is wasted time.

Important is different than urgent:

Urgent Time

If you have a choice each day in the tasks that you face, a choice between doing what is urgent and doing what is important, which do you choose?

Most of us spend much of our day "putting out fires" - Being too busy and can never seem to get the time to do the things that we know we should be / could be doing.

No one ever got ahead in life, or became successful, by just doing the urgent things.

If you want to get ahead and achieve your goals - You MUST do what is important. Even though it means putting off at least some of the things that are urgent, or "seem urgent".

Create an urgency for doing the Important. This has a major, multiplying effect - The more Important things you do - the less urgent things need doing.

By doing the important things, many of what used to be urgent things are no longer issues.

Take time out from the urgent - And have an "important day."

There are many things that you can do to prioritise the Important over the Urgent:

Email - Only reply to your emails at set times during the day, rather than respond the instant every email comes in.

Phone - Restricting calls to set periods. (I am notorious for turning my phone off to be able to get other work done). Have a receptionist for calls.

Availability - It is important to sometimes just do whatever it is you've got to do - no interruptions. This will get more done and make you feel better about your time management.

Learn to say "No": - Having the confidence to say 'no' is a real asset. "No" doesn't mean you are negative - Try something like: "I'll have to say no on this occasion as I'm double booked already, but please ask me again". This will help you reduce your "urgents".

Confirm Appointments - A quick email or text can save a lot of time. Also make sure you "group" your appointments - All at the same time so you get all your distractions out of the way all at the same time (or in the same area).

Planning - Spend 5 minutes at the end of the day preparing for the next day. This is an activity I do without fail. It makes every morning flow much easier.

Don't Serve Time - Make Time Serve You!

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