5 Tips for not Sacrificing your Private Life

Unfortunately, during the lack of time, what is usually sacrificed is our private life.

We dedicate more and more time to our work, while minimizing our personal time.

So let's see some ways to better manage your time.

Especially in the pharmacy, the multifaceted role of the pharmacist, as well as the competition, increases the problem.

Thus, the pharmacist is trapped in a constant struggle that keeps him away from home for most of the time.

It is a fact, however, that a lack of a balanced personal life is a basic cause for the daily stress, which often has a negative effect on our work and our relationships with our partners, or even with our clients.

Here are some ideas on how to properly manage our time!

Unfortunately, during the lack of time, what is usually sacrificed is our private life.

Make a program

You can start with something simple.

Book a half hour appointment with yourself every week.

Write down all the tasks you need to complete in the coming week and make an estimation of time for each task.

Distribute these daily tasks by creating an "agenda".

If a job takes a long time to be done, try to spread it into smaller individual tasks and then divide it into several days.

Also, remember that you do not have the same strength all the time of the day.

Give some extra time to complete the tasks you plan to accomplish in the afternoon.

Finally, during the morning, you can take a quick look at the day's schedule, just to remember the tasks that should be done.

Set some priorities

After writing down the tasks, the next step is to proceed to "prioritize" them, depending on how important and how urgent they are.

Start your day by first doing the most urgent and important, even if it takes more time or fatigue.

This will make you reducing your daily stress, as, in the afternoon, you will have the less important and less urgent tasks to be done.

Distribute the tasks

Take some time to train your partners to perform specific task.

By following this way, you will have multiple positive results:

- Your partners will be more active and they will consider you more as a 'partner' rather than an 'ordinary manager'.

- You will be able to devote time on designing and implementing new projects which will help your pharmacy.

- You will receive the best balance to your day-to-day time management.

Learn to say NO

Every day you are faced with the demands of suppliers and customers who claim, what else? Your precious time!

Depending on the requirement, consider carefully whether and how much time you can devote.

If it's not urgent or important, politely refuse or let them know that you have other obligations that need your immediate attention.

Schedule with them a specific moment when you can "listen" to them more carefully.

Be Modernized

Some pharmacists do not have the time to be trained in new technologies, because they believe that they will be delayed or that they are doing better in their own "traditional way".

But in practice, the results are different.

So don't hesitate to insert technology into your daily life.

Maybe in the beginning you will need more time than usual.

But in the long run and once you get used to it, we will save a lot of time.

Finally, what is particularly important to do, is to set personal goals that will not only concern your career, but also your personal life.


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