How to Use Persuasion to Increase Patient Buy-In

Are you looking to increase your patient transactions?

How about getting patients to take advantage of your unique products and services?

The most straightforward and practical answer is to use the subtle art of sales.

There is often a negative association with the word ‘sales.’

How to Use Persuasion to Increase Patient Buy-In

Hearing the word ‘salesperson’ likely conjures up some particular images and ideas for most people.

In the best light, they are of a typical salesperson, aggressive, pushy at one end, and or manipulative at the other.

If you’re thinking that you’re ‘selling’ to your patients, frame it another way.

The fact is that you’re doing a very important job in the community by helping them solve their health and wellness problems.

Imagine if your best friend tells you he’s struggling with a problem, and you have a solution, wouldn’t you speak up and say something about it?

If you have a product or service that can help others, it is your moral obligation as a healthcare provider to share it with them.

The rest of this post will cover how you can use Dr. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion to communicate new treatment options to your patients and increase sales.

Scarcity: Patients Love Limited-Time Deals (And Things They Have Less Of)

To apply this principle to your pharmacy business, offer limited-time deals for different audiences.

Scarce products and offers feel exclusive and valuable to consumers.

One way to showcase a limited time product is by placing it in a smaller end-cap area with signage that conveys urgency and scarcity.

When you’re discussing the product, highlight what they stand to lose by not taking action and speak to the specific issues the patient might be experiencing.

You can also experiment with offering exclusive perks reserved only for top customers.

Once people realize that being a repeat customer comes with rewards, they’ll be more ready to act on purchases.

Assure Your Patients You’re An Expert

Make sure you establish your credibility to your customers.

Why? Although they’ll never admit it, they want others to tell them what to do.

Especially by experts they trust.

You can do this by making recommendations and answering any questions your patients might have.

If you show that you and your team are trained experts, your patients will also be more willing to try new products or services that you recommend.

You can also offer events and classes that educate your customers.

How to Use Persuasion to Increase Patient Buy-In

Consistency Is Key: Start With Small Commitments for Big Sales

When you’re selling something (especially if it’s a high-ticket item that people don’t buy on impulse), try to get your patient to commit to something small first.

This could be a free trial or samples of new products.

After they agree or “say yes” to you once, they’ll be more willing to “say yes”.

If you use this principle, you can break down many of the barriers your patients have when shopping, and over time, your patients will agree to bigger and more expensive recommendations.

Influencing your customers

Remember, using these principles to influence your patients isn’t wrong if you’re applying them ethically.

Your mission as a healthcare professional is to help people who come to you with health and wellness challenges.

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