Advertising Your Pharmacy: How to Get Your Customer Not to Ignore the Elephant in the Room

When you are starting your pharmacy the lifeblood for your company will be your ability to advertise and then the subsequent inflow of new customers.

With everyone and their mother trying to create a huge splash and a name for themselves, you need to make sure that your splash is not so big that your advertising is completely ignored.

Too often, a business owner will think that they have to make the biggest noise possible with their advertising.

They squander their ad money on single, huge blowout events with full page ads and tons of entertainment.

Once the single event is over and the dust clears, they are out of cash and they have barely increased their customer levels.

Instead of trying to create a huge entertainment event, where people will just come for the free stuff, you need to develop an entire advertising campaign that revolves around building relationships with your customers.

ignore the elephant

A good campaign will contact the customer multiple times, if not hundreds of times in different ways.

People digest information in the ways they find popular, so it's important to put out your message in more than one media to catch the most people.

When you advertise to your customer base don't even attempt to hard sell them on your product or business.

This is the old way of thinking and a losing proposition.

It's easy to sell someone once, but in order to sustain your business, you need to develop that relationship over time.

Therefore your advertising program should be slow and steady.

Remember- it takes at least 7 contacts to a product for most people to make a buying decision.

If you only have one big splash, you are alienating almost 90% of your market.

The best way to get your customer not to ignore the elephant in the room is to NOT put the elephant in the room in the first place.

We are all immune to most advertising these days, but we still want to buy.

If you create an advertising campaign that is based on creating a long-term relationship, where the customer makes multiple purchases, you will win in the long run.

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