Impact of Career Advice

It is essential to have career advice because we live in the society of knowledge.

The Marxian doctrine of haves and have-nots has now assumed a new dimension of information, and not of wealth in terms of money.

Arriving at our best career option is possible, only if we gather much information as possible on diverse professions and educational opportunities.

We should break the shackles of prejudices such as attaching unqualified superiority for professions like medicine, engineering and civil services.

There is tremendous diversity in the matter of careers covering conventional as well as the upcoming emerging fields.

Impact of Career Advice

The list of possible career advice is perhaps endless. A modest effort is being made here to highlight some of them that have relevance in the current national scenario with the seem less world as the backdrop.


The careers of any individual has to be chosen, taking in to account factors such as aptitude learning ability of the student , financial position of the family, opportunities for higher studies, duration of the course, the gender factor, proximity of the educational from home or any other extra curricular activities and other prospects for early employment.

The treatment is indicative and not exhaustive. Any aspirant should try to gather more and more career advice through proper counseling and guidance, even through strong support from our family side and friends, one can excel on their respective favorite fields of choice.

Therefore, through proper guidance and careers advice a person can lead in a good path with good and fame in future.

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