For a Timeless Renovation of our Working Space

Choice of materials, design, functionality of the space... In the era of inaction and expectation for the developments of tomorrow, in a world that is plagued by the pandemic, can we think of renovating our pharmacies?

On what solutions should we emphasize?

For a Timeless Renovation of our Working Space.

Today, perhaps more than a few years ago, pharmacists may think that a renovation of their working space is not necessary, mainly due to the pandemic but also for financial reasons.

At the same time the pharmacy, as a store, needs to evolve and to be renewed in order to be attractive to the customer.

Thus, pharmacists have to deal with this sensitive equilibrium in order not to forget their basic characteristics.

So, it is of the outmost importance, that the projection of safety and seriousness they ought to give to the customers, even through the space and the furniture, may not be disturbed by incorrect choices, such as cheap and very sophisticated materials.

Is the tendency of procrastination regarding the renovation of pharmacies in recent years justified?

It is true that renovating a pharmacy store, is not the priority of professionals, who do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Their main concern is that of the maximum return on investment, in an environment of reduced budgets and reluctance of bank lending, two very important issues, which architectural design companies should consider.

The golden age is over!

In this tense and difficult environment, there are many traps.

Minor changes do not offer much, while a total quality renovation solution may be more expensive, but also more profitable in the long run.

The best investment is not always the cheapest. On the contrary, most of the times, it will help the pharmacy to grow as a business.

The stages of renovation can be determined, depending on the budget, taking into account the direction set in advance.

Thus, economic efficiency can converge towards a better long-term vision.

After all, the right architectural design professionals should emphasize the importance of the case study before any renovation process, which is in line with the company's strategy, having of course previously had a discussion and investigation with the pharmacist.


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