Five Tips for Better Visual Merchandising

Great Pharmacy presentation and product merchandising is like a good book.

It's got an alluring cover to entice, an interesting first chapter to tell the reader that they have made the right choice, and a satisfying conclusion to get the audience to want more.

Very similair to what you are trying to achieve with merchandising in your Pharmacy.

1. Storefront Identity and First Impressions

An important part of your Pharmacy design is the look from outside your shop.

Your Pharmacy entrance needs to reflect the personality of your Pharmacy and must give a glimpse of the merchandise available inside.

Your signage (inc Logo) communicates your mission and business philosophy. Not only will you use your Pharmacy colours and logo in your signage - But it may also be painted or applied throughout your shop.

And you'll want it printed on merchandise, hangtags, and point of sale signage. So you need to put a lot of thought on how your colours and logos integrate with your merchandising.

The way merchandise is displayed in show windows also has a lot to do with enticing the people into your Pharmacy.

Whether you are in a shopping centre, mall, strip shop or on the street - Your customers have only a few seconds to view and be attracted by your displays.

Your visual philosophy should replicate a billboard - "make it bold, colorful, and simple". Pharmacies often put too much into the front entrance - and customers miss it all because they can't focus.

Merchandising Tips

2. Store Layout

In developing an effective layout design - One of your most critical elements, is how your Pharmacy is organised for a logical unfolding or discovery of merchandise by consumers. Is your Pharmacy easy to shop?

There can be different approaches to your in-store organisation and merchandise display.

The first and most common is to display similar merchandise all in the same area (eg: Weight Loss, Mens, Women, Skin care etc).

3. Lifestyle Merchandising

You may also want to consider "adding" "Lifestyle Merchandising". This includes cross merchandising from different departments (based around disease state / condition management) - Eg: Specific natural nutrition / vitamins in your Skincare department.

4. Cross Merchandising

Cross merchandising and presenting products in this manner can also increase the perceived value of items that normally would seem unconnected with any other merchandise.

You may find that the combination of the Cross Merchandising and the Lifestyle Merchandising styles may best be suited to your Pharmacy.

Organising your Pharmacy in both ways presents a logical arrangement that helps with "Complete Solutions."

Look through the department, and determine which items would help complete the "Complete Solution" they need.

5. A Continuous Process

Don't ever think you're done. Walk into and thru your Pharmacy on a daily basis - reviewing the way your Pharmacy presents to prospective customers.

Face merchandise toward the main traffic aisle, reorganise those "lifestyle settings," and make sure all signs are in good condition.

"If You were shopping in this Pharmacy - Would You be enticed to buy?"

Maintaining a Pharmacy presentation of helpful and needed products that are clean, orderly, easy to find, and easy to buy will provide a great service to your customers.

Good in-store signage is the important final element of store presentation and promotions.

Category signage that helps to guide your customer through your Pharmacy is essential.

Creating a professional looking graphics package that displays price and features and benefits messages clearly communicates the value of your offer. (Most banner groups spend considerable resources on this).

Quite often Reps are very good with merchandising - But obviously be careful - They are all about selling "their" products - Not about your profits.

So use your reps knowledge and apply it for your own needs.

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