Internet Marketing - Is It for Me?

I know that when you first start out in your journey of finding a way to make some money you may be inundated with offers of ways to earn a living.

There are endless e-mails from network marketing companies, MLM firms, work from home companies, get rich quick programs and so on...

What you want to do is rest assured that the majority are lies but there are also some very legitimate offers.

Internet Marketing - Is It for Me?

The trick is finding a way to identify, which ones are which and which ones are best suited to IF you are looking for a replacement income or making a change to the work environment.

You may have some of the answers already built up inside yourself. Like I have, managing a full environment apart from work and a family.

I started purely with Cleaning companies and I was a normal employee with this 1000 plus people working for them to clean up offices, shops, factories, hotels etc.

I had been there before but it paid me better to work in a less structured environment. So yes there are money getting legit and smart as we can see now.

But what you really want is your own internet businesses and bank accounts, owning your own business, gaining cash into your bank accounts whilst your away workings on your healthy holidays.

I will tell you now, that when it comes to exactly what you want to do, you need to define YOUR personal lifestyle.

If you are going to do a 2nd job on a on-site job you need to know what your next move is to jump on the internet and start developing additional earnings for yourself.

You need to know your goal, what you are expecting, what your end-goal is. Where is the profit / cash? What are your skills etc? I shall give you a simple exercise to clarify this for you.

If you are going to dedicate yourself, you have got to be a go-getter - you have to be prepared for the unexpected ups and downs, you've got to know when to bid adrift and when to make a move to win.

Take a sheet of paper - give yourself about 6 days to do this. Just decide what you want to achieve months or even years down the road - what it is. What you need and what you expect to be there. You can write this down as you go along.

Now the next step is a pen and paper to interview yourself, ask yourself key question like:

What am I going to do so far this week to take me forward to the day I claim my destiny?

Not in your head, just and visual yourself doing it. If you are going to wake up, upload your second profile and post articles, write blogs write your own articles, do any marketing whatsoever, whatever it takes to take yourself forward. Be Honest!

This is invaluable when looking for a company to work with, you want to know that you are running a business and making money from an entrepreneur who really cares about your goals.

If you are going to dedicate yourself, you have got to be a go-getter - you have to be prepared for the unexpected ups and downs, you've got to know when to bid adrift and when to make a move to win.

If you are thinking of doing this as an income generator and not as a hobby, you have got to structure your work week, monthly to day so that your income is sustainable.

If you are thinking of working from home, you need to realise that you have a business set up that will require you to set up daily plans, times and tasks not to mention people and office expenses.

My advice would be to start as a full-time job. Then grow your business and grow your income if you like, hire operators, pay your team of people, buy bandwidth, send newsletters, create software, etc.

The beauties of this will take time to develop but don't expect results today or you will be seduced to another way of looking at your business.

For me, I don't have my thousands of dollars I don't have my holidays and I do not have the time to spend with the family and to watch the TV. That's why I am starting this business as I have got to do something myself after two years of being in a corporate environment.

I didn't go in to this thinking of becoming a millionaire next week and I expect to go in to it with no pressure, stress and believing that whilst my business's options are unlimited, they can still be changed.

If you are going to achieve success with a business, your passion will determine your working hours as well as your commitment and dedication to your new career.


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