Making Word of Mouth Work for You

Every business person knows how effective word of mouth marketing can be, but very few know how to make it work for them.

They have never used any specific programs to get their satisfied customers talking to friends, contacts, and associates about the products and services of their business.

Nearly all Pharmacies trust in good fortune and the "gossip gods" to generate word of mouth comments.

They never think that employing some simple, inexpensive, and effective program can successfully generate word of mouth to promote their products, services, or events.

Word of mouth has has been transformed from a slogan to an actual tool in the way products are promoted.

We all know that quite often despite extensive marketing, advertising, favorable articles, and a host of other incentives, the real driving force behind many increases in business is "word of mouth" from happy customers telling friends and associates about their experiences.

word of mouth

Real word of mouth advertising is effective because friends, relatives, or associates are talking to each other about products or services one knows or has had some experience with.

By and large, friends and relatives have no reason to embellish the truth and no conflict of interest to taint their viewpoints - what they say can be safely taken as an honest expression of their opinion about some product or service.

That is why it is trusted; that is why word of mouth is so successful.

But word of mouth is not automatic - Even close relations and good friends do not generally speak about their mouthwash or their brand of pain relief (Although many mothers talk about baby produsts and services - same as many women chat about beauty products).

As a result, every business needs to have at least one program in place to help their current customers speak about their products and services to others.

An effective "word of mouth program" can leave a long lasting impression and can have an effect many months and even years after the message carrier first formed a favorable impression of a Pharmacy or service provider.

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