Growing your Pharmacy Revenue with Specialty Products

Independent pharmacy owners have multiple items on their to-do lists, with the most important being properly dispensing medication to ensure their patients receive the right dose to get well.

Grow your pharmacy revenue.

Running your operations and implementing new programs, all while keeping up with employee morale, can often get pushed to the side.

These details may seem minor, but they often take a back seat and in doing so, negatively impact your business.

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

Pharmacies have many opportunities to add additional revenue utilizing their existing prescription customers.

You just have to take a deeper look into what you’re already doing.

Below are 3 ideas to increase revenue without expending too much effort.

  • Fill a heavy traffic pattern isle with seasonal items that are already on your shelves.
  • Place a tester for a hand or pain relief cream on your counter.
  • Recognize which shelving in the store has the most visibility to your customers while they are waiting for their prescriptions to be filled and fill it with the right mix of trendy, cute and useful items.

Cost-Saving Tips to Keep in Mind.

While snacks and candy seem like quick and easy sales, the reality is that their profit margin is too low and they take up too much valuable space.

Make sure to stock items that are fun versions of old standbys, such as:

  • Neon or animal print nail clippers.
  • Pain relief products, or sleep aids.
  • Unique pill holders.

There is no playbook or blueprint that guarantees what you should be offering in these highly visible and high-traffic locations, all it takes is trial and error.

Become the destination for products other than the predictable OTC drug necessities!

Finding the Best Resource for Specialty Items.

We live in a society that is constantly consuming.

Whether your customer needs a modest gift to give or wants the latest gadget, it is important to keep something on shelves they’ll be willing to buy.

With desire, modest effort and a reliable resource, you can start filling your shelves with niche items that will help you grow your pharmacy revenue.


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