5 Basic Steps to Renovate your Pharmacy

Before considering renovation of your pharmacy, you should determine its philosophy and record its added value unique services.

With these ideas on paper, you should meet the professional designers and constructors, to ensure that proposals are in line with your strategy.

Once you decide on the renovation, you can choose the constructor. It is important that your choice inspires confidence, after looking at similar work at other pharmacies. So, ask for referrals.

5 Basic Steps to Renovate your Pharmacy.

Step 1. Record your predictions

Keeping in mind that things always change, the market is moving fast and that pharmacy renovation is a long-term investment that is likely to pay off in at least 4 years, when the market may have changed significantly.

So, you should anticipate changes in consumer attitudes, as well as in new customer service models, especially because of exponential growth of digital transformation.

Step 2. State your concerns

"How do I offer services to my customers that will make me unique?"

This is the key question every pharmacist should ask. It should start from the beginning that each pharmacy should highlight a unique identity and image that answers three questions:

  • What is my mission?

- To be a pharmacist, a Health Professional

  • What is my specialization that makes me different from others?

- To be a pharmacist specialized in the lab, clinical pharmacist or… in phytotherapy… etc.

  • How will I communicate this on to my customers?

- That is, how orally or through the image and layout of my pharmacy, I will communicate this differentiation to my customers?

Step 3. Take care of your customers

We need to understand that the Pharmacist-Customer relationship is not an adult-to-child relationship, but an adult-to-adult relationship.

Today, the dominant advantage of a pharmacy is to engage with the customer through empathy!

Step 4. Tell a story

The concept of "story telling" is becoming more and more important. Successful pharmacy designs are those that manage to tell a story to their customers, not only through the physical store, but also through the online store.

With the right colors and materials you can create a unique environment, appealing to your customers.

5. Do not neglect Merchandizing

Keep in mind that the concept of a pharmacy is not only about commercial architecture (i.e. space arrangement), design, furniture or lighting.

First of all, the concept is to answer a key question:

"What products and how to recommend them to my customer, in line with my specialization as a health professional?".

But before we ask this question, it is necessary to know our customers, their shopping behaviors, and to create zones in the store that facilitate shopping.

All these concerns of merchandizing should be of concern, in order to capture a modern and effective pharmacy concept.


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