It's Time for a Smart Phygital

Combine the best of two worlds, physical commerce and digital, in order to offer a unique customer experience at the point of sale and stand out from the competition.

This is the ambition of smart phygital, the latest trend everyone is talking about in retail.

It's Time for a Smart Phygital.

Some pharmacies worldwide have already taken the turn of smart digital for some years now.

During the day, touch screens display the loops programmed by the network.

Outside opening hours, customers can take control of the content, by flashing the NFC code on their smartphone’s screensaver.

If they want, for example, to find the on-call pharmacy, a page will appear with its coordinates and a map showing the route to get there. Itinerary that they can also download to their smartphone.

It is also possible to reserve emergency or essential products to be picked up the next day by click & collect.

They can scan the prescription on the screen for the team to prepare the next morning.

The patient receives an SMS or an email to tell him that his medication is ready.

Reinventing the customer journey

By the pharmacy entrance, the patient discovers a reception terminal where he can identify himself, thanks to his loyalty program and indicate the reason for his arrival: an appointment with the dietician, a click & collect to withdraw... information is then displayed on the LGO screen, in order to notify the team.

The team can organize themselves in order to service him as quickly as possible.

Also, some pharmacies use a connected cabinet to make the customer journey to the pharmacy even easier. When a missing item arrives, for example, all the pharmacist has to do is place it in the cupboard to start sending an SMS or an email to the customer to alert them to come and collect it.

All he has to do is enter the code indicated in the message on the screen or scan the barcode for the machine to deliver the product to him without going through the counter.

This connected cabinet can be placed in the point of sale or elsewhere. The device comprises of a tablet equipped with a mini payment terminal.

Enriching the customer experience

The phygital transformation involves the installation of various tools: interactive terminals and screens, tablets and mobile vendors, mobile applications, etc.

Among the most widespread, screens are no longer meant to broadcast promotional loops or health and well-being information.

These screens enlarge the walls of the pharmacy. They present bulky products that cannot be displayed on the sales floor, due to lack of space and allow the ranges referenced to be extended.

Digital shelves work particularly well in the mom and baby, medical equipment and food supplements categories.

Moreover, they can also be used to call a team member, boost promotional campaigns or conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

At the heart of the phygital system pharmacies, sits a web bar, most of the time installed in the center of the point of sale.

On this piece of furniture, surmounted by a screen showing a loop of commercial events, health or local information and new products are also displayed.

Screens are increasingly used to broadcast promotional campaigns in an opportunistic manner.

When a customer takes one of these products in hand, the loop is interrupted to reveal his card thanks to the RFID technology nested in the shelves.

Touch tablets are the other favored medium for smart phygital.

They include screening tests (asthma, hypertension, COPD, sleep apnea, etc.) that the patient can perform alone or with the pharmacist’s assistance, and with or without the help of connected health objects.

The test results are instantly transmitted to the pharmacist's mailbox, who can comment on them and effectively advise the patient on the appropriate solutions.

Other solutions are also available, such as monitoring compliance and reminding patients of best practices for patients undergoing treatment...

An application can also send a link by SMS to consult a file dedicated to a pathology.

Facial recognition is democracy

In other distribution channels, smart phygital focuses on contextual display.

Screens are increasingly used to broadcast promotional campaigns in an opportunistic manner.

The algorithms are able to identify the products in stock that must be displayed, in order to be sold as a priority.

On its window screens, this service provider has integrated facial recognition technology which, via a camera positioned above the screen.

Proper algorithms fed with artificial intelligence, help identify the sex and the slice of age of the person in front of the screen.

The Crown TV player then instantly sends content adapted to his profile.

The algorithms are also able to detect the customer's reaction to the broadcast message.

If he remains unresponsive, the software will suggest new content.

Objective: Facilitate the purchase

Smart phygital is also used to remove the main obstacle at a point of sale: payment at checkout, with large queues.

This solution not only reduces waiting times, it also enables clienteling, when coupled with CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Sellers can, for example, consult a customer's loyalty account, access the history of their purchases, the products they have viewed on the e-commerce site, and even those they have abandoned...

They may also suggest additional products relative to the patient’s need.

Consume and entertain

Finally, smart phygital aims to make the customer experience less consuming and more fun. But the smart phygital should not forget its essential function. Immersing customers in a 'wow' effect allows for a unique experience.

But it is first and foremost the human relationship with a team member that people come looking for in a pharmacy store.

Digital must therefore aim at servicing this relationship.

Key info

1. The smart phygital consists of deploying interactive digital tools at points of sale, which customers use to streamline their journeys and enrich their experience.

2. The smart phygital gives a modern pharmacy image that makes it stand out from the competition, while promoting the pharmacy team.


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