The Physical Store and Digital Convenience Marriage

The relaunch of physical stores with the help of digital gave birth to “phygital”, which offers tremendous opportunities to merchants.

Selectively, developing tools serves a real strategy that avoids gadgets.

The Physical Store and Digital Convenience Marriage.

Phygital? It’s not the best term to use when you want to address the issue of omnichannel or customer experience.

To think “Phygital” is only about tools. This means taking the problem backwards!

An organization must first define its objective, before choosing the tools to achieve it. Otherwise, it won't work!

However, phygital, which consists of acquiring digital tools to boost sales in a physical point of sale, has evolved rapidly.

A few years ago, it necessarily went through screens.

Distributors now use screens more to create a visual atmosphere rather than to drive the customer shopping experience.

Customers prefer to talk to an advisor, rather than make their purchases alone, in front of a screen, as they can already do sitting in a bus or on their sofa.

Serving the customer

Today, click & collect is the most widespread phygital service. It is also the most obvious and the most anticipated to be implemented in a web-to-store logic.

Its implementation requires addressing several details:

Is the messaging secure? Do I have to download an app? Is there an alert system to notify the team that a prescription has arrived? Is there a quick check-out to collect my medication? Etc...

Some pharmacies throughout Europe go farther and are launching a click & delivery service which will allow customers to buy online (including drugs) and have them delivered to their home within a few hours.

Simplify the customer journey.

In the United States, the Capsule dispensary, which is defined by the baseline “the pharmacy that comes to you”, has created an e-prescription system.

The patient sends his prescription, a pharmacist answers him by text, e-mail and telephone, while checking the prescription.

The products will be delivered within two hours. Capsule also notifies the patient if the renewal of his prescription is closing in... No more waiting by the cash register!

Furthermore, the new concept of Boots in London, integrates automatons to make the patient more autonomous.

Guarantee product availability.

Digital technology also allows for better inventory management.

The development of robots and automatons in pharmacies are great examples.

Thanks to these devices, the staff at the counter may constantly maintain visual contact with their customers.

Alerted by the boxes falling behind him, he can turn around at the last moment and continue his conversation.

In France for example, there are still relatively few robots on the sales floor, but in China it is developing.

For some pharmacies, waiting for 15 minutes is not a problem. However, for part of the population, it has become unbearable!


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