Ten Strategies to Help You Build an Effective e-Mail List

Building an e-mail mailing list - and mailing to it regularly - is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

But the hard part is acquiring e-mail addresses for your mailing list.

Not only is it a challenge to build your list, but also to maintain your list.

So your e-mail list needs to be an ongoing effort!

Below are ten proven strategies you can use to build your e-mail list:

1. Be sure you have an e-mail sign up form on every page on your website.

Remember, not every visitor will find their way to your home page.

2. Have e-mail signup forms on your Pharmacy front counter

3. Let visitors know what benefits you'll get by subscribing to your e-mail list.

4. Create a newsletter archive on your website. Post all past newsletters on the site.

Build e-mail Lists

5. In addition to the signup boxes on individual pages on your website, create a web page dedicated to acquiring subscriptions.

That page should have the signup form, benefits for signing up, testimonials and links to newsletter archives.

6. Include a link to subscribe to your newsletter in the signature line you use when you participate in e-mail discussion lists.

7. Hand out flyers or business cards that direct people to a page on your website where they can subscribe to your newsletter.

8. Look for co-registration opportunities. If you can find partners who reach the same audience you reach but aren't direct competitors, cross-promote each other's newsletters with links on the email subscription thank you pages.

9. Include forward to friend links when you mail your newsletter.

10. Include a link to your e-mail subscription page in press releases you send out.

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