Listen to Your Customers

It does no good to gather input from your customers if you ignore it.

This will only lead to frustrated customers and lost business.

If nothing else, thank the customer for taking the time to share their opinion with you.

Listen to Your Customers

No matter whether the feedback that you receive is positive or negative, you should receive it enthusiastically and give it immediate attention.

Instead of looking at negative feedback or complaints as a bad thing, recognize that the customer took the time to share it with you and ask yourself the following questions:

Why would this customer feel this way?

What did we do/say that created this impression with the customer?

Is the customer's reaction reasonable? Why or why not?

Have we heard similar things from other customers? If necessary, what can we do to prevent similar reactions by other customers?

Gather all customer feedback and examine it regularly.

Look to see if there are trends or patterns that you need to address.

For example, if a number of customers have complained about long wait times - or that they failed to receive a product or service when promised.



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