Customer Satisfaction is Invaluable

A cold reception, an inadequate supply of products or inappropriate advice or even worse, a complete lack of them, are enough to create a negative image of your pharmacy and drive customers away from you.

Therefore, measuring the quality of customer service is an important issue.

Customer Satisfaction is Invaluable.

How to proceed a research

Customer dissatisfaction has a significant impact on a pharmacy's finances.

If dissatisfied customers go straight to the competition, acquiring new ones creates needs for additional marketing actions, which undoubtedly increase the pharmacy’s expenses.

Therefore, we must first identify the causes of dissatisfaction in order to improve them.

There are tools, such as Google Forms, that allow you for free, to design content satisfaction questionnaires, which are then emailed to customers.

The results are analyzed automatically and presented in detailed diagrams.

These solutions have the advantage of being free, but you must have the time, will and skills to write the questionnaires, analyze the results and transfer them, informing your partners.

In case this is not the ideal solution for you, there are external consultants who use feedback management platforms.

Appropriate software is linked daily to the pharmacy customer database, in order to recover all transactions made.

Then, the system plans to send to the customers a satisfaction survey via email or SMS.

In the report summarizing the results, each item is graded on a scale of one to ten, highlighting the problem areas and areas where improvement is required.

Finally, the type of dissatisfaction is highlighted, with customers being able to indicate the reasons why they gave a negative score.

This type of platform can also give similar results, separately for each pharmacy’s employee.

Customer dissatisfaction has a significant impact on a pharmacy's finances.

From customer loyalty to customer satisfaction

Some loyalty programs include a questionnaire program, which conducts customer satisfaction research, after visiting the pharmacy.

Another application can make customer satisfaction research at the point of sale.

It is installed on the counter and displays a question before or after payment.

Customers can answer yes or no, or rate their pharmacy experience from one to 9.

The results are presented again in the form of a diagram, with the result for each question, as well as the long-term evolution of the pharmacy or comparison with other pharmacies, if the pharmacy belongs to the same network.

Turn defeat into success

In order not to tire your customers, an important factor is the frequency of surveys.

Fifteen-day satisfaction surveys are recommended every six months.

The investigation can focus on all the important moments of the customer experience:

Welcome approach, waiting time, convenience to find products, prices, adequacy of products, quality of advice...

Important information is whether customer is going to recommend your pharmacy after his last visit. In addition, you can conduct a research on the proposed offers, on your services, a health issue, and the needs of the consumer or his behavior.

These surveys allow you to "listen" to your customers, build a relationship with them and constantly improve your offer.

They can also help you identify the positives of your pharmacy and his reputation and those that require improvement.

Measuring customer satisfaction also helps to create a good atmosphere among pharmacy employees, and contributes positively to their immediate improvement.


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