Connect With Your Customers

Overall customer relations are going to experience a digital evolution and pharmacies will not be excluded.

Here are some ideas that are already being implemented in European pharmacies to help you start gradually this digital transformation.

Connect With Your Customers.

A "health web-bar"

At the heart of this strategy of digitizing customer relationship, is the creation of a "health web-bar" in the pharmacy.

Touch screen tablets allow customers to be informed about the services offered by the pharmacy, exclusive screenings and events for health advice, etc.

And when they pick up a product from one of the shelves near the "web-bar", the screen automatically displays product information using RFID technology.

As an extension of the web bar, a gondola presents innovative products and samples, and customers are invited to give their opinion for these products through a tablet.

Communication on the smartphone

At the same time, we begin to see terminals in pharmacies that use iBeacon technologies or ultrasound, to display on their customers' smartphones their product offers, opening hours, on-call days, video presentations for a product...

Then, the terminal transmits the messages which were previously programmed by the pharmacist, on customers' smartphones.

Site tour

Another interesting support is the digital touch screens that are placed on the shelves, and allow customers to see the offers and product information.

Digital screens are also intended to guide the patients to the place in the pharmacy where the product is placed. After answering two or three questions, the screen will indicate exactly the shelf on which the desired product is.

Digitization is also applied on the counter to better inform the customer about the products he buys.

The pharmacist and his customer share information about the product that the customer is interested in, just by looking at a screen, since all the information about this product are displayed on that screen.

Virtual shopping baskets

We are only at the beginning of a trend that should lead to the digitization of a large part of the customer's experience in the pharmacies.

Soon, customers will be able to add OTC products or medicines to a virtual basket, via touch screens or directly from their smartphones.

At the counter, they only thing they will have to do is to pay for their purchases, since the order will have already been prepared at the back office by the automate machine.

Prepare for the robots

Thanks to the ultrasound technology, we will soon be able to offer new features, such as payment from a smartphone.

Pharmacists will also be able to find out which product the customer has searched on the Internet, before even entering the pharmacy, and offer them an offer on this product.

With the speed that technologies are advancing, host robots could also eventually optimize queue time.

They will scan prescriptions, choose OTC, cosmetics or nutrition supplements, adapted to the needs of the customer, according to his profile.


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