Improving the Customer Experience in your Pharmacy

As pharmacists, one of the main goals of your work is to improve customer experience in your pharmacy.

So in order to achieve that, you have to offer a great quality in your work.

Improving the Customer Experience in your Pharmacy.

The first step to do so, is to document your existing position through a survey about customer satisfaction.

A simple questionnaire that will be addressed to them, will highlight your malfunctions, but also the points that you excel at.

This way, you will be able to implement new plans to improve your services, which will lead to a better experience for your customers.

Furthermore, while executing the prescription, it is necessary to compose a special active protocol, which starts by reading the prescription and the certification of the patient, before you even go to look for the medicines in the drawer.

After that, you have to show the medications to the patient and explain him the prescribed dosage and method of administration, without forgetting to remind the possible precautions during the use.

It’s best if you write down the instructions and don’t forget to give him the necessary lifestyle and diet tips.

The process of evolving the quality of work also contributes to the improvement of the administration and management of your pharmacy, as it contributes to the recognition of the staff skills and therefore, to the division and assignment of responsibilities through the process of evaluation of each individual.

Thus, you will also be able to compile a training plan according to the needs of upgrading the knowledge of your staff, in order to better serve your customers.

When a pharmacy invests in quality work, the patient is the one who wins.

Firstly, because he enters in a well-organized pharmacy, with a competent and very well informed team and secondly, because he has a quality consultation and a team that is able to understand his needs and give him effective advice.


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