Don't Keep Your Services a Secret

The services you offer and do day to day in your pharmacy can be unknown to your customers and unfortunately can be forgotten within your team.

You may not have advertisements up telling them about your free delivery service or free blood pressure testing etc but these can be great conversation starters.

For example a lady with kids will be thrilled to know about your baby club or free delivery service.

Even if you do use POS material, customers don't always absorb this information like they do if we talk with them. Be in the moment!

Your Services

To improve this being communicated to your customers begin with writing a list of all services you offer in your store. For example:

  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • Delivery service.
  • Weight management / weight loss service.
  • Equipment hire / sales.

Then with your team work out ways this can be communicated.

Are customers being approached and freely given information about your pharmacy?

Try flyers in bags or letters sent out with accounts and quarterly newsletters.

Talk about your great services within your team... every day!

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