T. R. U. S. T.

Builds Loyal Client Relationships for Your Pharmacy

Trust can be plugged in down in to five main strategies:

T for Truth

R for Reliability

U for Understanding

S for Service

T for Time

These five strategies will help you build strong and loyal relationships with your clients:

Client Trust and Relationships

1 - Truth

Sometimes in business things don't always go as planned - but from your client's point of view, lying it is the number one way to lose their trust and business forever. If you always tell the truth to your clients - even when it may lose you the sale, you will always retain your credibility. You may lose the battle - but win the war.

2 - Reliability

Every time you fulfill and exceed your clients expectations - you are building further trust. You don't need to perform miracles - just do more or then expected before, during, and after they visit.

3 - Understanding

You must invest the time to understand your client's needs, wants, and desires. By doing this you are further building your relationship with them. Understanding not only builds trust, but also gives you the confidence and information to provide the right solution for your client.

4 - Service

Providing ongoing personalized service and solutions to your clients is a great way of further building trust and loyalty. Your Pharmacy needs to take customer service to a new level - you need to create added value by going beyond what is expected, and provide real solutions, rather than just service.

5 - Time

Trust and loyal client relationships are not built overnight - They take time and patience. Sow the seeds and do all the many little things that are required to build client trust.

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