Καρυπίδης Μιχάλης

Michael Karipidis

Michael Karipidis works as an eBusiness Consultant at Convert Group, where he manages consulting eCommerce projects for major global companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, Pizza Hut, GSK, Henkel, Coffee Island and many more.

He has previously worked as an eCommerce manager for large companies such as ofarmakopoiosmou.gr, maisonmarasil.com and shop13.gr and has also made an impact into Performance Marketing field where he held the position of Email Marketing Performance Expert at Koolmetrix.com.

He is a guest speaker at various conferences, especially in the online Pharmacy industry as well as eBusiness trainer in various digital marketing educational seminars.

Michael is a graduate of the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean and holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems from the same University.


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