Your Appointment with the Sales Representative

1. Before the appointment

Preparation. To be able to negotiate, you must:

- Know the company, its products, its position in the national market and your pharmacy.

- Have an accurate picture of the stock status and the number of products sold by this brand from your computer.

Therefore, print out a list of results in descending order.

Your Appointment with the Sales Representative.

- Know the selling price of products on the market: use the internet price barometer to track down market prices, so you can negotiate a price that is competitive and makes a good P.

- Analyze the performance of your dealer's brand (sales by volume, value and margin).

Assess your needs

Two rules to follow:

1. Ideally, you should be able to sell your inventory before the payment deadline.

2. Buy volume tailored to your sales volume, even if that means to accept less attractive discount conditions.

Create a plan for the interview

- Decide on the content of the transaction, do not allow the salesman to direct the meeting.

- Schedule time for everything: analyzing sales history, presenting new business and new products, advertising plan, ordering, returning expired or unsold products, promotional supplies, samples, promotional materials, training...

2. During the meeting

Take the seller to a quiet place with a computer to access your sales data (in your office).

Take all your documents and make sure you make a note.

Let the dealer to present his data without interrupting him, then check your information and your own data and negotiate, without focusing on the discount, focusing more on net prices and margin. Remember also to negotiate payment terms and ask when the order will be delivered.

Place an order and summarize the points of agreement.

Write the date of the next appointment together.

Check the order form

Prior to signing, special attention should be paid to the preparation of the order form, which is authentic in the absence of a contract. It should include:

  • General information: Order number and order issue date, supplier’s name and address, supplier’s code, salesman name and phone number, company name and address.
  • Information about the item ordered: Product code, description, quantity ordered, unit price without tax, total order amount.
  • Delivery information: Place and address of delivery, delivery date.
  • Payment information: Your company name and address, payment method and terms, bank account.

3. After the appointment

Gather all the information recorded during the interview.

Inform your team about the ordered quantities, new products mentioned, actions to be taken at the pharmacy.

Justify your choices so that you can better translate the logic of your purchases into sales (shelves, tips, promotions, prices...).


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