Making a Simple Marketing Plan

The very best marketing plans are short, simple and to the point...

Keep them Simple and You Will Use them!

A good marketing plan for your Pharmacy helps you create, guide and coordinate your marketing efforts.

Preparing the plan encourages you to stop and look at important issues that normally are just forgotten (until your Business is not as busy and profitable as you had hoped).

Think of your Pharmacy marketing plan as a road map to assist you in setting and achieving goals and keeping you on course. Your marketing plan is a vital element of a business plan.

marketing plan1

Your Marketing Plan should include:

  • Who your Clients are (Who, Where, What, How they purchase).
  • How you plan to service your clients.
  • Information about your Pharmacy and its products or services.
  • Information about your competitors.
  • A S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).
  • Marketing activities objectives and strategies.
  • Your method for measuring success.
  • And the Part that you will use most:

Your Pharmacy Marketing Action Plan (generally six months or one year). You will detail what will be done When and by who - The costs involved, and how you will measure success.

No two Pharmacies are identical (variables include: size, location, market demographics, services, products, budget, competition, staff, and inventory).

The process of creating Pharmacy marketing plan, makes you think about your business goals and how your marketing strategy will help you reach those goals.

Remember to update your Marketing plan on a regular basis. The tactics that proved successful one year may not be appropriate the following year.

You need to...

Plan - Test - Measure - Plan - Test - Measure...

Over and Over Again...

Remember... Marketing is a never-ending process!

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