Πιπεράκη Σταυρούλα - Ίνα

Πιπεράκη Σταυρούλα - Ίνα

Ina Piperaki is an experienced Pharmaceutical Researcher and an influential International Consultant for companies and public Institutions. Her excellence in Leader- ship, Management and (multi-languages) Communications is reflected in her contributions as a European Commission Adviser and as a Director, Strategic Planner and Decision Maker within the Pharmaceutical Industry and Business. Her high level managerial and consulting expertise follows up and builds on her successful scientific early university career and work on Research & Education in pharmaceutical sciences.

Her outstanding talents and unique contributions in a broad range of fields through society, as well as her being Author of numerous books on economy and society with a humanistic approach, have been honored by her inclusion as Distinguished Academician in the Academy of Barcelona in 2014.


To play a leading role in company or institutional management making use of my excellent communication and leading skills, my precious long experience and excellence in leadership, in international pharmaceutical industry, in my own private companies as well as in research and education in pharmaceutical science.


Business in pharmaceutical sciences, networking, pharmaceutical development & project management, pharmaceutical research, quality assurance, regulatory strat- egies & submissions, pre- & post- marketing pharmacovigilance strategies and reporting, risk assessment reports & mitigation strategies, negotiations with regulatory authorities, industrial and intellectual properties strategies, clinical study reports, auditing, SOPs, international consulting, post marketing of medicinal products, pharmaceutical care, personalized medicine, computer programming.

Spokenlanguages: French &English: Excellent, Portuguese: good, Italian: elementary.

Work Experience:

International Business Consultant – Business Development & Strategic Planning, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & Auditing, Pharmacovigilance (covering all aspects related to the approval and renewal of new chemical entities, generics and medical devices). Actually working at Lilly France on Strategic Management & Quality Assurance.

Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & Pharmacovigilance Director, R&D depart- ment Sanofi S.A., Representative at the Corporate R&D. Member of the Management Executive Committee. “Pharmacien Responsable” for the Manufacturing site. Scientific Research Associate in the University of Athens, in the topics of Pharma- ceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Care & Personalized Medicine.

BEPA (Bureau of European Policy Advisers) of the European Commission: representative of a NPO within the BEPA and member of a permanent think-tank group in the subject of “Social Europe”. President of the European think-tank group, 2011-2014; rapporteur, 2010-2011.

Postdoctoral position at the University of York, Department of Analytical Chemistry, UK.


• Ina Piperaki has been leading business development and pharmaceutical research projects with an excellent management flair.
She has been also providing regulatory affairs, quality assurance, quality control, au- diting & pharmacovigilance qualified work, covering a wide range of activities related to the development of new chemical entities, pre- a post-marketing surveil- lance, negotiations with authorities and patients' associations.

• 62 Lectures as invited speaker
• 20 Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals
• 24 Announcements in international congresses
• 9 Participations in international congresses and meetings
• 3 International congresses (responsible for the organisation of)
• 4 books published in French language.

Mainqualities: creative, with large capacity for analysis, synthesis and realization; talented to animate activities of groups of people and to create relations of confidence, to construct on the basis of honesty and respectable dialogue solid partnerships for the future.
Capable to federate at all levels, she possesses un excellent global vision and leadership qualities, qualities of organisation, exactness and communication which are needed to keep the planning and budgets, and realise in optimal way the goals.

Education – Qualifications:

• Pharmacist, PhD Degree, and a great experience in Research & Education, Pharmaceutical Industry and Business.
• Excellent knowledge of computer programming, as well as perfect knowledge of MS Office

(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and social networking.


• Academician, Member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors of Barcelona, since 2014.
• University awards for “Excellency”.

• Awards & distinctions, listed in international biographical dictionaries,
• DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, Inclusion in the “Dictionary of International Biography, 36th Edition”, International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, De- cember 2011.
• Selection for inclusion in the 15th, respective editions of WORLD WHO’S WHO OF WOMEN, of the year 2010.
• DICTIONARY OF INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, Inclusion in the “Dictionary of International Biography, 35th Edition”, International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, De- cember 2009.
• 2000 OUTSTANDING INTELLECTUALS OF THE 21ST CENTURY AWARDS, Inclusion in the “Dictionary of International Biography, 34th Edition”, International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, November 2008.
• WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2006 MEDAL, American Biographical Institute, Inc. 2007
• 500 GREATEST GENIUSES OF THE 21ST CENTURY, Published by the American Biographical Institute, Inc., 15 March 2005, in “Pharmacy, Computer Science & Philosophy”.
• Selection for inclusion in the 27th, 26th, 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 21st, 20th, 19th, 13th, respective editions of Marquis WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD, for the years 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 1996.


• President of National Committee of « Plus Europe Conference », (since 2013 -)
• In the American Association for the Advancement of Science (since 1994 -).
• In the European Society of Regulatory Affairs (since 1994).
• Elected Member of the Hellenic-Brazilian Chamber, responsible for Foreigner Affairs (2012-2014)
• In the National Association of Pharmacists in Greece (since 1997-)
• In “Amicale”, Worldwide Society of the "Ursulines" School Graduates (since 1984-)

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